The Observatory is a research and education center, where the Forum's professional analysts, permanent and invited, study the current context of fashion in response to ethical fashion incentives, involving all relevant actors in the textile chain (including the consumer) with a transdisciplinary approach.

This organism: 

  • Gathers data about the sector's current state, local and international government policies, and market trends;
  • Studies the behavior of consumers in the world;
  • Produces relevant information for ethical fashion entrepreneurs and responsible buyers; 
  • Develops indicators to measure local development and the impact of NGOs activities;
  • Evaluates the socioeconomic and productive situation of producers and local artisans. 

To achieve this, we use methodologies such as polls and surveys. The analysis of their results is used to elaborate reports, which are discussed in seminars and lectures organized by the Forum and related institutions. 

The Observatory interacts with local and international universities, private investigators and government agencies, and public and private organizations. It also works with university students, who collaborate with investigations; these activities, in turn, enrich their education, acting as inspiration for thesis topics. 

The Observatory aims to be a regional leader in ​​the study and monitoring of sustainable fashion. It works with the aim of improving local and regional development, and people's quality of life; contributing to generate awareness on global rights and obligations in terms of sustainability.